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How long dos Waxing last

According to a Webmd post, waxing last for 3-6 weeks and it could have side effects as well , mainly redness and bumps. Also has has to be a bit long approximately few inches long for a proper wax

how long do waxing last


How to prepare arabic wax !

check out the video for more details

Sugar wax for hair removal

Hair removal methods

Hair removal is one of the hot topics when it comes to female grooming. There are many

types of hair removal methods to get your hands on from shaving, waxing to laser

treatments. It is also up to each individual whether you want to get your hair removal done

by yourself or get beautified at a salon !


Woman shaving in bubble bath

Talking about shaving I would say that it’s the most preliminary type of getting rid of

unwanted hair. While I was a teenager I remember going through the agony of shaving my

legs every time I was getting ready for my tennis or swimming practices. While shaving is a

very inexpensive method where you just need a good razor and a shaving cream with you it

can be quite a time consuming method as the hair growth is quite fast. So you have to end

up shaving at least 2-3 times during the month. Another reason why I gave up shaving is

that it started making my skin rougher day by day.


sugar waxing

I am a total fan of waxing whether I do it myself or get it done at the salon. While arms and

legs can easily be done with my own homemade sugar wax, it is a super easy way of getting

rid of that hair. Even when I go to the salon I always make sure that my salon lady only uses

sugar wax on me. The best thing about sugar wax is that it contains natural ingredients such

as lemon, sugar and bit of water. When the ingredients are natural you know that it does

minimum harm to your skin. I just love the feeling after getting my waxing as it leaves me

with smooth and silky skin. You can also opt to go for hot or cold wax at a salon which will

have some preservatives and artificial ingredients. If your skin is not too sensitive, you will

have no problem in doing this. But the most preferred method of waxing can be choose by

doing a small skin test so that you know what is best suited for your skin.

Laser treatments

laser hair removal

If your skin cannot resist shaving and neither can you take the pain of waxing you should be

looking at laser treatments. While this is something you have to get yourself after proper

research this can come as a blessing as you can get rid of your hair permanently with may

be 6-8 treatments. If you don’t have an extended budget for your grooming this is not a

method, you should be thinking of as laser is a very costly method. Even though it can be

costly you have to always make sure that you go to a person who is qualified to go ahead

with a laser treatment. If the treatment is not performed well you might end up with burns

or scars that you would probably have to live with for few months.

Cameron Diaz | Beauty secrets revealed in her own way

The body book by Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bark is an amazing read on how to love your own amazing body


Her idea about laser hair removal

the body book - sugar wax info

Cameron relates to “permanent laser hair removal “ as a crazy idea and she is not fan at all about waxing down there. To add to that she mentions that it should be a gift wrapped and given to your loved one to un wrap on her own rather than going all naked without any bikini hair.


Nutrition and fitness

cameron diaz - sugar wax info

She shares how she learnt the art of balancing Nutrition and fitness in her life to have that super sexy body of hers.

Anyone who loves to have a body like hers while being healthy and fit would find it interesting to grab her book and follow some tips.

Four awesome waxing tips !

suagr wax recipe information

Waxing leaves you with super soft skin and gifts you with no trouble for at least few weeks… But does the pain makes you hesitate to go for your waxing appointments ?


Few tips to get you going !


  • Try exfoliating your skin few days before your appointment – For a better grip and to remove dead skin


  • Pop a pain killer – You can try a paracetamol or an advil. Less pain if you are too sensitive


  • Keep a tab on your period cycle – Its more painful if you are closer to periods as the skin gets more and more sensitive


  • Antibiotic gel after wax – An antibiotic get will help with redness and swelling. It also protects your skin from any allergies

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